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Guestbook message By Kayleigh Patchett: Just stumbled across your work looking for inspiration for my novels and I'm stunned. You take such amazing artistic pictures that has my mind buzzing with ideas for my work. Your work is beautiful and inspiring, it's a pleasure to look at.
Guestbook message By Rachel: WOW! I'm loving your work! Just learning myself but hope one day to be able to take photos like these. Thanks!
Guestbook message By mike rossage: I love your work, ruins always have the peace of the graveyard.You should bring your camera to France most of it is ruins or decaying splendour!Regards to all, mum if still alive,still have her painting.
Guestbook message By Anonymous: I find your pictures very inspirational good work dad keep it up :-)
Guestbook message By Richard Terry: Nice to have met you where we did at that old fellows place with the bikes and brambles. I love your pictures, I really do. I have some pictures I took of crumbling concrete walls in Yucatan. Fancy seeing them? Richard Terry, bicycle man
Guestbook message By Lorna: I find your pictures very inspirational and I love your use of tones and light in the black and white gallery.
Guestbook message By MICK BYE: Hello brian is it 10 years.the doll photograph was taken in a old cottage which has been converted to a holiday home i did a series of 5 photographs with the doll as the star.they are on show in my gallery at shernborne come over and see me sometime regards Mick
Guestbook message By Laura Selway: WOW! Saw the article on Look East last night. Having always had an interest in ruins - as a writer they are a great inspiration for me - it was wonderful to see this amazing collection and how well you manage to capture the emotions of each place.
Guestbook message By helen bown: saw Inside out,but didn't get your name. i felt compelled to find you on the net.I found somerton church about 25yrs ago and found your photo breathtaking.Would love to see an exhibition of your work.
Guestbook message By Keith: Brian I was wondering whether you ever got round to going out to Salhouse Hall yet? I have found out who owns it and that they have a business premises in Brundall, an Estate Agency. Would the best step be to contact the business and say exactly what? Thats the sticking point for me, what exactly do I say? I am interested in History and would like to take some photos of your property at Salhouse?
Guestbook message By Dawn England: Enjoyed the programme on inside out. Thankyou for your card, Finally got to look at your website.Great photography
Guestbook message By Carol: saw your work at The Garden House Gallery, simply wonderful are an inspiration. Will revisit your website to view more.
Guestbook message By Cara Herebrt: Love all your photo's! How do you go about finding such great locations? Are you a bit of a rambler and explorer? Or do you know lots of people who know baout these hidden treasures? Regards Cara (Amateur Creative)who is ready to explore more. x
Guestbook message By Sue Cowie: Found your site by chance after searching for info on Somerton Church. I absolutely love your style of photography. I am a beginner living in Norfolk and am totally inspired by your work. Thank you.
Guestbook message By Hollie: I'm doing the subject of Change: 'Decay and corrosion' for my GCSE art course and I'm really glad I came across you. I adore your work and now feel very inspired ^.^
Guestbook message By Moley: Brian. Just seen your piece on 'Inside Out'. I must admit your photography is quite simply fanscinating and love moody atmosphere it portrays. I am also a huge fan of black and white photography. However, a word of caution - you have a lovely wife and children. Please take care in disused buildings as some may not be structurally sound and I do not wish to see you endangered in your line of work!! Nonetheless keep up the excellent work.
Guestbook message By Jon: I love these photos and the sense of loss and history they give. Has inspired me to take more photos of this type. Excellent work.
Guestbook message By TerenceG.Wright LRPS: Well done Brian, time never went so fast as Johns lessons, good to see your work again using your talents to the full Terry
Guestbook message By helen bown: saw Inside out,but didn't get your name. i felt compelled to find you on the net.I found somerton church about 25yrs ago and found your photo breathtaking.Would love to see an exhibition of your work.
Guestbook message By Art Student: Hey... I really like your collection of black and white images. I've been given a title of 'Barriers' for my GCSE Art exam and so I have chosen to look at you and your work due to me looking at the desolation or barriers that are around us... great work!
Guestbook message By Susan: Just had to visit your website after watching you on telly the other night, I was fascinated by your photos, they are amazing! Keep up the good work!
Guestbook message By matt: Truly amazing photography! I am studying photography for my A-Level at the moment and I am currently researching your works, as I am basing my work around decay.
Guestbook message By Andy Feek, Old Catton, Norwich: I visited your site after reading the article in the June 08 issue of Connections (free on national express trains). I enjoyed the article so much I had to come and see more of your superb photographs. I'll certainly re-visit from time to time. Thanks for sharing.
Guestbook message By Duncan Edmonds: Your photographs are a breath of fresh air against all the predictable Norfolk landscapes. I am also pleased that you have eschewed the vogue of printing limited editions which I find meaningless in the context of photographic prints.
Guestbook message By Stephen Emmett: I am a training in school in the UK at the moment and researched on many photographers and have found yours as the most inspirational! amazing work. Keep it up and would love some advice as a starter! Stephen
Guestbook message By David Roberts: What a wonderful selection of photographs, I have just started out in Photography and your work has inspired me, well done keep up the good work, Dave
Guestbook message By Lee Nicholls: So this is where you've been hiding!! Great to see you're still producing excellent landscapes & nice to see a few old favorites too... Must get to one of your exhibitions! Kind regards, Lee
Guestbook message By Alison Roberts: Well done Brian!!!About time you exhibited your work you never cease to amaze,such an artistic flare.John Hansell's talents as a photographer and teacher have paid off.I will never forget John's classes such an influential person with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, his work was inspirational.To think it's over 10 years now we attended the Photography course at King's Lynn happy days if only I'd not wasted them! Hope to visit your exhibition soon. Best wishes Alison
Guestbook message By lauren and imogen: your pictures are very good well done dad
Guestbook message By Steve Denby: Brian, Great composition and thought provoking content, a very enjoyable collection of images. I wish you every success for the future. Regards Steve Denby
Guestbook message By Stig Hansen: Wonderful photos - nice work! I'm a big fan of the square format myself, on your pictures are truly inspirational. Consider yourself bookmarked...

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