Ruins capture the viewers imagination with their ability to tell stories; they are a window into human histories, silent rooms with dust covered furniture, discarded objects that are left behind and a smell of mustiness lingering in the air echoing a past long gone.

I feel that one of the most powerful aspects of a ruin is the subject that's missing in the photograph - the people who once worked and lived in these places - their presence can still be felt.

N.B. Please note that some locations are not revealed to protect the integrity of the site/property and it's owner.


Sea Birds Wallpaper


'Nuns Leg' Mamiya Gallery
This new gallery contains images taken on my Mamiya Press
'Curtains' 'Regina'
'Regina' is a bungalow of non standard construction. I came to the conclusion that the property was vacated back in 1999.
Aga Bessingham Manor House
I have decided to dedicate a separate gallery specifically showing what this splendid Victorian Manor House has to offer.
Letters of Correspondence Yallops
Please refer to my blog page
Gas Cooker Farmhouses/Cottages
A collection of Farmhouses and Cottages along with some interiors containing some rather unusual paraphernalia and retro wallpaper.
Door with Broken Glass, Mundesley TB Hospital - The Nurses Quarters Windows and Doors
Wallpaper with Light Switch. Wallpaper Disused Petrol Pump, Mundford Transport and Machinery
Pillbox, Thetford The Black & White Gallery Prehistoric Root, The Dunes at Great Yarmouth Miscellaneous Gallery
Hulk on Breydon Water Limited Editions
Chlorobromide Photographs